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This week we continue the listener guest host extravaganza with Dustin Faber. Dustin has been an online friend for many years and can be heard on The 16-Bit Catholic Podcast. He also writes a blog with his wife called The Catholic Lovebirds and produces the TV For Vendetta Podcast.


Pause for the News: [00:01:15]

Bitten Renewed
Suits Renewed
American Odyssey Cancelled
A.D. The Bible Continues Cancelled
Maria to Exit Sesame Street
TV Land Pulls Dukes of Hazzard Reruns
Fatal Attraction Series in Development
Neve Campbell Joining House of Cards
Roots Remake Finds Its Lead
Nick Zano Cast in Minority Report
Atlanta Casting News
Marisa Tomei Joining Empire
Once Upon a Time Casts King Arthur
Mythbusters Announces Premiere Date
Miss USA Pageant Finds New Home
Melrose Place Tell-All Movie Announced
Jack Carter Dies


Weekly Rewind:
Shows discussed are from Monday, June 29th through Sunday, July 5th, 2015:

Zoo – S1 Ep 1 – First Blood (Series Premiere) [00:21:53]
Daredevil – S1 Ep 1-13 [00:33:34]
Rookie Blue – S6 Ep 2 – Perfect Family [00:42:24]
My Little Pony – Episode 100 – Slice of Life [00:51:18]


Fast Forward:

Chasing Life – S2 Ep 1 – A View From the Ledge (Season Premiere) [00:56:48]
Need a refresher on season 1? Here’s a great recap video!

Hollywood Game Night – S3 Ep 1 – Two Janes Are Better Than One (Season Premiere) [01:01:17]

Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix (Prequel series premieres on July 31st) [01:02:25]
I played the trailer for the upcoming season. It can be found on the Netflix show page at the above link.


It’s Time to Celebrate! [01:07:58]

TV Rewind is celebrating five years as a podcast in September, and we’ll be spotlighting listeners in various ways. Participate in the Listener Spotlight here!

This week I shined the spotlight on our guest host Dustin!


Record For Later: [01:11:37]

Steph – 12 Monkeys Season 1 on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, or on Demand on

Dustin – The Late Late Show with James Corden weeknights on CBS


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