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Felicity Rewind

FR56 – And to All a Good Night – Felicity S3E11

Felicity's mother is in town and is very concerned about her relationship with Ben. Molly goes to rehab and breaks up with James but he won't take no for an answer. Join us as we discuss the 11th episode of season three, And to All a Good Night, which aired on...

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AR56 – Crossings – Alias S3E12

Sydney and Vaughn crash land in North Korea trying to meet with a contact from The Covenant and have to find a way out of enemy territory without getting killed. The only good point of this terrible plot is Jack meeting the fabulous Katya who needs a favor before she...

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PR49 – He Dead – Psych S4E2

Shawn and Gus get involved with a billionaire investor's difficult family when he ends up dead after a plane crash. Can they solve the murder before it all becomes "dust in the wind?" This episode is our discussion of the second episode of season 4, He Dead, which...

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