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Felicity Rewind

FR49 – Greeks and Geeks – Felicity S34

Felicity is reeling from what happened with Julie and decides to go to a party with her friends (what could possibly go wrong?) Also, Noel proves himself to be a super mega nerd when it comes to saving Elena's academic future. Join us as we discuss the 4th episode of...

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AR47 – Reunion – Alias S3E3

Lauren and Sydney clash at the CIA and Vaughn is on Sydney's side (awkward!). Jack does what he has to to protect Sydney as she reunites with Vaughn in the field to derail Sark and his new associate's plan for mass destruction. Join us as we discuss the 3rd episode of...

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PR43 – Earth, Wind and.. Wait For It – Psych S3E12

Shawn and Gus work on a case which seems to be arson until they find a dead body, which leads to more fires and bodies. Is it an inside job? Join us for our discussion of the 12th episode of season 3, Earth, Wind and… Wait For It, which originally aired on January...

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