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Our most recent podcast episodes

FR38 – Revolutions – Felicity S2E16

Felicity and her friends host a sit-in at the health center and Ben and Noel hang out/get drunk/have a fight. Join us in our discussion of the 16th episode of season two, Revolutions, which aired on April 5th, 2000. It was written by Lynn Cantor and Mitch Salem and...

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AR36 – Double Agent – Alias S2E14

Ethan Hawke guest stars as Agent Lennox, or is he really his evil double? We find out more about Project Helix and things heat up between Sydney and Vaughn! Join us as we discuss the 14th episode of season 2, Double Agent, which aired on February 2nd, 2003. It was...

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PR32 – Ghosts – Psych S3E1

Psych Rewind is back, baby! We didn't take as long of a break as the show did between seasons but we are glad to be back. Christopher McDonald guest stars as Gus' boss. His house is haunted, or is it? Join us as we discuss the S3 premiere, Ghosts, which originally...

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