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Felicity Rewind

FR53 – A Good Egg – Felicity S3E8

Felicity and Ben disagree about something she wants to do for Javier, Tracy confronts Elena about what he learned and Molly and Ben keep a secret from Felicity. Can these kids work it out? Join us as we discuss the 8th episode of season three, A Good Egg, which aired...

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AR52 – Breaking Point – Alias S3E8

Sydney is tortured by Lindsey to give him information and is forced to go through the surgery she's been asking for all season. Also, Lauren learns how terrible her boss really is. Will Sydney be rescued before she is permanently damaged? Join us as we discuss the 8th...

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PR – Special Edition – Psych the Movie Review

This episode is our discussion of the Psych the Movie which aired on December 7th, 2017. It was written by Steve Franks and James Roday and directed by Steve Franks. This week we had special guest Lisa join us! You can also find her on Tumblr. We are proud to be a...

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