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Our most recent podcast episodes

FR29 – Getting Lucky – Felicity S2E7

This episode is our discussion of the 7th episode of season two, Getting Lucky, which aired on November 14th, 1999. Please note I said the wrong date in last week’s ep. It aired November 7th. It was written by Jennifer Levin. We’ve mentioned her before as a...

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AR28 – Salvation – Alias S2E6

This episode is our discussion of the 6th episode of season 2, Salvation, which aired on November 10th, 2002. It was written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and directed by Perry Lang. We are proud to be a part of TV Rewind network of podcasts. Please reach out to...

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PR28 – Lights, Camera, Homicidio – Psych S2E13

This week we had special guest Avidan join us! This episode is our discussion of the 13th episode of season two, Lights, Camera, Homicidio, which originally aired on January 25th, 2007. It was written by Andy Berman and directed by Matt Shakman. We are proud to be a...

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