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Felicity Rewind

FR55 – Let's Get It On – Felicity S3E10

Tracy and Elena are still on the outs, Felicity has to cram for a final of a class she never dropped while Noel wants her to work on their video project. Join us as we discuss the 10th episode of season three, Let’s Get It On, which aired on December 6th, 2000. It was...

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AR55 – Full Disclosure – Alias S3E11

Sydney finally finds out what happened during her missing two years. An unexpected person from the past fills in the gaps and helps her move forward (and us move past this terrible plot!) Join us as we discuss the 11th episode of season 3, Full Disclosure, which aired...

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PR48 – Extradition: British Columbia – Psych S4E1

Shawn and Gus go on vacation in Canada and run into a very charming art thief that Lassiter has been trying to catch for years. He and Juliet follow them up there. Can they work together to catch a thief? Join us as we discuss the season 4 premiere, Extradition:...

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