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TVR319 – Team Palladino Inks Long Term Deal with Amazon, The Goldbergs Season Premiere, The Mayor Series Premiere – TV Rewind

by | Oct 4, 2017 | TV Rewind | 0 comments

This episode was recorded on Facebook Live. You can see the video here:

Pause for the News: [00:01:04]

The Duece Renewed
BoJack Horseman Renewed
Marlon Renewed
Team Palladino Inks Multi-Year Deal with Amazon
What the Amazon Deal Means for Gilmore Girls Fans
Fixer Upper Ending, Video From Chip and Joanna Gaines
Major Crimes Ending
Anne Jeffreys Dies
Monty Hall Dies
Tom Petty Dies

Weekly Rewind:
Shows discussed are from Sunday, September 24th through Sunday, October 1st, 2017:
Ghosted – S1E1 – Pilot (Series Premiere) [00:08:24]
Will & Grace – S9E1 – Eleven Years Later (Season Premiere) [00:12:47]
Speechless – S2E1 – W-E– WE’RE B-A– BACK! (Season Premiere) [00:16:47]
The Goldbergs – S5E1 – Weird Science (Season Premiere) [00:22:55]

Fast Forward: [00:30:14]
I mentioned some premieres and returns coming up this week.

Record For Later: [00:32:04]
Steph – Hulu now has Boy Meets World, Home Improvement and Dinosaurs. Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper and Perfect Strangers were already available.

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