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TVR316 – SDCC Announcements, Orphan Black Gag or Throttle, Shark Week and Guest Host @salyersteve

by | Jul 24, 2017 | TV Rewind | 0 comments

Joining me today is Steve Salyer who hosts many podcasts including ones on the Golden Spiral Media and the FanGirlZone networks.


Pause for the News: [00:01:19]

Wynonna Earp Renewed
Iron Fist Renewed
@Midnight Ending
The Originals to End with Season Five
Web Series Con Man to Air on SyFy
Viking Season 5 Premiere Date Announced, Trailer Released
Once Upon a Time Season 7 Premiere Date Announced
The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Date, Fear the Walking Dead Season 3B Return Date Announced
Hulu Fall Premiere Dates Announced
American Horror Story Season 7 Title and Premiere Date Announced
Ryan Seacrest Confirmed as American Idol Reboot Host
The Truth About Steve Whitmire Leaving Muppets Studio Revealed
Hulu Adding More TV Series
Martin Landau Dies
George Romero Dies
Harvey Atkin Dies
John Heard Dies


Weekly Rewind:

Shows discussed are from Sunday, July 16th through Saturday, July 22nd, 2017:

Wynonna Earp – S2 Ep 7 – Everybody Knows [00:18:40]

Orphan Black – S5 Ep 7 – Gag or Throttle [00:27:48]

Killjoys – S3 Ep 4 – The Lion, The Witch & The Warlord [00:38:00]


Fast Forward: [00:45:07]

We mentioned some premieres and returns coming up this week.


Record For Later: [00:48:40]

Steph – Raven’s Home on Disney

Steve – The Magicians S2, The Expanse S2, Van Helsing S1


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