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There was no live show today.

Joining me today is Willie Gillis who writes a blog about running and fitness at

Pause for the News: [00:02:43]

Z Nation Renewed
Masters of Sex Cancelled
Good Girls Revolt Cancelled
No More Episodes For S3 of The Odd Couple
Conviction Moving to Sundays in January
CBS Announces Midseason Schedule
Scott Foley Cast in True Crime TV Movie Fatal Vision
Bryan Fuller No Longer Involved in Star Trek: Discovery
Sense8 Christmas Special and S2 Premiere Dates Announced
Andrew Sachs Dies
Grant Tinker Dies
Keo Woolford Dies
Fritz Weaver Dies

Weekly Rewind:
Shows discussed are from Monday, November 28th through Saturday, December 3rd, 2016:

Supergirl – S2 Ep 8 – Medusa [00:16:05]
The Flash – S3 Ep 8 – Invasion! [00:23:28]
Arrow – S5 Ep 8 – Invasion! [00:36:29]
Legends of Tomorrow – S2 Ep 8 – Invasion! [00:45:27]
Thanks to Justina for your #DCWeek feedback!

Fast Forward: [00:59:18]
We mentioned some premieres and holiday specials coming up this week.

Record For Later: [01:03:53]
Steph – Fuller House S2 on Netflix Streaming this Friday!

Willie – Mr. Robot S2 on Amazon Instant Video (S1 available on Prime), DVD or iTunes.

Westworld S1 on Amazon Instant Video (watch with HBO subscription)


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