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Joining me today were:
Karen Lindsay, who can be found many places online. The list is located here.
Geoff Gentry, who co-hosts Gotham Undercover and blogs at
Mark Des Cotes, who podcasts at and
Fred Firestine, who blogs at


Pause for the News: [00:01:55]
Major Crimes and The Librarians Renewed
Hand of God Renewed
Man in the High Castle Renewed
The Expanse Renewed
Mike & Molly Unofficially Cancelled
Best Time Ever Cancelled
Legends, Public Morals and Agent X Cancelled
The Awesomes Cancelled
House of Cards Season Four Premiere Date Announced
Details For Fargo Season Three
Fuller House Series Premiere Date Announced
Carly Rae Jepsen Will Sing Fuller House Theme Song
Happy Endings is Now on Hulu (Yippee!)
Vikings Season Four Gets More Episodes
Fortune Feimster Upped To Series Regular on The Mindy Project
Unaired Wicked City Episodes Available on Hulu
Soft Kitty Lawsuit Causing Trouble For The Big Bang Theory
Kristen Bell To Voice an iZombie Role
Gravity Falls Series Finale and Marathon Schedule Announced
Patricia Elliott Dies
George Clayton Johnson Dies
Wayne Rogers Dies


Fall TV Wrap-Up Review: [00:20:04]
During the main part of the show, the guests and I discussed these questions:

What cancelled new shows (or essentially cancelled with an episode order cut) do you wish were still around?

Is there a new show that you are surprised hasn’t been cancelled yet?

Any new shows you thought you were going to like, but don’t?

Any new show you thought you weren’t going to like, but do?

What are your favorite new shows?

Any returning shows that you’ve given up on?

What returning shows do you think have gotten better this season?

Favorite returning shows this fall?

What shows are you looking forward to this Winter/Spring?

For 2015, what would be your top five favorite shows overall?
The blog posts I mentioned can be found here and here.


Fast Forward: [01:24:24]
We talked about the shows that will be returning/premiering this week. You can see the whole January calendar here.


Record For Later: [01:29:58]
Steph – About a Boy S2 on Netflix Streaming. It is also available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video or iTunes.

I also mentioned that S6 of Parenthood has also dropped on Netflix Streaming.


Karen – Jessica Jones on Netflix Streaming.
Karen also recommends Mr. Robot: Season 1, which comes out on January 12th, and Doctor Who: Series 9 Part 2, which comes out on January 26th.


Geoff – Stargate Atlantis on Amazon Prime Streaming, Hulu, or Blu-ray or iTunes.


Mark – Orphan Black on Amazon Prime Streaming, DVD or iTunes.


Fred (via Karen) – Supergirl pilot with commentary on the CBS Website.


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