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Joining me today is Amrie Cunningham, who co-hosts TV Times Three and blogs about TV on her site My Take on TV.


Pause for the News: [00:01:10]
The Blacklist Renewed
The Blacklist Exposed Scoop Covered By Local Paper
Wayward Pines Renewed
Homeland and The Affair Renewed
The Leftovers Renewed For Third and Final Season
Chicago Med Gets Five Additional Episodes
Queen Latifah Cast in Lee Daniels Drama Pilot
Chelsea Handler Netflix Docu-Series Gets Premiere Date and Trailer
The CW Announces The Rest of Their Midseason Premiere Dates
Amazon Bundling Streaming Services
MADtv Reunion Special Coming to The CW
Screen Actors Guild Nominations Announced (Not shared on the podcast)
Golden Globe Nominations Announced
Melinda Clarke Cast on Gotham, Grace & Frankie and Nathan For You Renewed, Freeform Name Change Date, Lion Guard Premiere Date
TNT Orders Animal Kingdom and Good Behavior
Willard Scott Retiring From the Today Show
Producer Howard West Dies
Rose Siggins Dies


Weekly Rewind:
Shows discussed are from Sunday, December 6th through Saturday, December 12th, 2015:

The Mindy Project – S4 Ep 13 – When Mindy Met Danny (Mid-Season Finale) [00:23:09]
Modern Family S7 Ep 9 – White Christmas (Mid-Season Finale) [00:28:20]
The Goldbergs – S3 Ep 10 – A Christmas Story (Mid-Season Finale) [00:32:32]
Survivor S31 Ep 13 – Villains Have More Fun [00:41:14]


Fast Forward:
The Expanse – S1 Ep 1 and 2 – Dulcinea, The Big Empty (Series Premiere) [00:45:23]
Be sure to check out The Expanse Podcast from Solo Talk Media!

Childhood's End – miniseries – (Three Night Event) [00:47:18]
Haven – S5 Ep 25 and 26 – Now, Forever (Series Finale) [00:49:27]

Various holiday episodes, specials and movies! [00:51:20]


Record For Later: [00:52:26]

Steph – Hart of Dixie Season 4 on Netflix Streaming, DVD, Amazon Instant Video or iTunes.

Amrie – Casual on Hulu.


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