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Joining me today is Curt Wagner, who blogs about TV on his site TV Show Patrol.


Pause for the News: [00:01:27]
Casual Renewed
Switched at Birth Renewed
Dr. Ken Picked Up For Full Season
Limitless Picked Up For Full Season
Mythbusters Cancelled
The Whispers Cancelled
Clipped Cancelled
Blood & Oil Episode Order Cut
The Player Episode Order Cut
Unforgettable Premiere Pushed Back, Walking Dead 6B Premiere Date Announced
NBC Developing Cruel Intentions Series
Gilmore Girls Revival Coming to Netflix
More Details About Gilmore Girls Revival
One More Detail About Gilmore Girls Revival
Lip Sync Battle to Air Holiday Special, Schitt’s Creek S2 Premiere Date Announced
Airdate For Daytime Emmy Announced
Shondra Rhimes Sells Romeo and Juliet Sequel Series to ABC
Bryan Fuller to Reboot Amazing Stories For NBC
Sherlock Special Gets Airdate, Title and Trailer
Sherlock Special Coming to Theaters
ABC Family/Freeform Announces Winter Premiere Dates
Pat Woodell Dies


Weekly Rewind:
Shows discussed are from Sunday, October 18th through Saturday, October 24th, 2015:

black-ish – S2 Ep 5 – Churched [00:17:36]
Please Like Me – S3 Ep 2 – Simple Carbohydrates [00:23:12]
Switched at Birth – S4 Ep 19 – A Mad Tea Party [00:30:27]
Manhattan – S2 Ep 2 – Fatherland [00:40:10]


Fast Forward:
Supergirl – S1 Ep 1 – Pilot (Series Premiere) [00:50:40]
Be sure to check out the new podcast Maid of Steel co-hosted by friends of the show Emilee and Karen!

Ash Vs. Evil Dead – S1 Ep 1 – El Jefe (Series Premiere) [0:54:23]
Grimm – S5 Ep 1 – The Grimm Identity (Season Premiere) [00:58:38]
The Returned – S2 Ep 1 – The Child (Season Premiere) [01:00:38]


Record For Later: [01:06:14]

Steph – Chasing Life on Netflix Streaming (Season 1 available now, season 2 available this week). It is also available on Amazon Instant Video or iTunes.

Curt – DaVinci’s Demons S3 on StarzPlay.


What new and returning shows are you watching this Fall? What have been your opinions so far? Which ones have stayed on your watch schedule and which have been dropped? What returning shows are you excited to have back on the air?

Let us know in the comments, send us an email or leave us a voicemail at 312-76-TV-POD.

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