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Joining me today are Doug Payton who co-hosts The Person of Interest Podcast on Golden Spiral Media and Consider This and Andrea Zuniga.


Pause for the News: [00:01:05]
Halt and Catch Fire Renewed
Tyrant Renewed
Bob’s Burgers Renewed For Two Seasons
Additional Scripts for Rosewood Ordered
Additional Scripts for iZombie and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Ordered
Blindspot Picked Up For Full Season
Minority Report Episode Order Cut
Extant Cancelled
Nancy Drew Series in Development
Jessica Jones Prequel Comic Released
ABC Family To Become Freeform in January
Final Season Premiere Date For Banshee Announced
Sheriff Recast on Twin Peaks Revival
CBS Picks Up American Gothic as Summer Series
Shannara Chronicles Premiere Date Announced, Trailer
Shadowhunters Premiere Date and Other Teases Revealed at New York Comic-Con
Highlights From the X-Files Panel at New York Comic-Con
Joy Behar Lands Late-Night Talk Show


Weekly Rewind:
Shows discussed are from Sunday, October 4th through Saturday, October 10th, 2015:

The Good Wife – S7 Ep 1 – Bond (Season Premiere) [00:23:28]
Once Upon a Time – S5 Ep 2 – The Price [00:28:21]
Dancing with the Stars – S21 Ep 6 (Most Memorable Year) [00:33:58]
Undateable – S3 Ep 1 and 2 – A Will They Walks Into a Bar, A Won't They Walks Into a Bar (Season Premiere) [00:41:34]
The Flash – S2 Ep 1 – The Man Who Saved Central City [00:50:55]
Scandal – S5 Ep 3 – Paris is Burning [00:59:22]


Fast Forward:
Jane the Virgin – S2 Ep 1 – Chapter Twenty-Three (Season Premiere) [01:06:22]
Madam Secretary – S2 Ep 3 – The Rusalka [01:10:17]
Homeland – S5 Ep 2 – The Tradition of Hospitality [01:12:29]
Fargo – S2 Ep 1 – Waiting For Dutch (Season Premiere) [01:14:22]
Minority Report – S1 Ep 4 – Fredi [01:16:42]
Quantico – S1 Ep 3 – Cover [01:19:43]


Record For Later: [01:26:40]

Steph – I mentioned that Jane the Virgin will be added to Netflix streaming this week.

Doug – Haven on Netflix Streaming. Episodes from Season 5A have recently been added to Netflix. It is also available on DVD, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

Doug also recommends Person of Interest on Netflix, DVD, Amazon Instant Video or iTunes.

Andrea – House of Cards on Netflix, DVD, or Amazon Instant Video.


What new and returning shows are you watching this Fall? What have been your opinions so far? Which ones have stayed on your watch schedule and which have been dropped? What returning shows are you excited to have back on the air?

Let us know in the comments, send us an email or leave us a voicemail at 312-76-TV-POD.


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