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This week we continue the listener guest host extravaganza with Faith McQuinn and Sarah Guest. Faith has been an online friend for several years and Sarah I came to know more recently through the TV Rewind Facebook page.


Pause for the News: [00:01:17]

FX's The Strain Gets Season 2 Premiere Date and a College Course
Greg Grunberg to Appear on Heroes Reborn
Mimi Rogers Joins Ash vs. Evil Dead
19 Kids and Counting Pulled From TLC
Bill Murray Christmas Special Ordered By Netflix
Matthew Goode Leaving The Good Wife
Olsen Twins Won’t Appear in Netflix’s Fuller House
Is There a Gilmore Girls Reunion in the Works?


Weekly Rewind:
Shows discussed are from Monday, May 18 through Saturday, May 23rd, 2015:

The Flash – S1 Ep 23 – Fast Enough (Season Finale) [00:11:24]
Supernatural – S10 Ep 23 – Brother's Keeper (Season Finale) [00:19:47]
Mad Men – S7 Ep 14 – Person to Person (Series Finale) [00:28:52]
The Late Show with David Letterman – Final Show [00:39:10]


Fast Forward:

Young & Hungry – S2 Ep 10 (Spring Finale) [00:46:04]
iZombie – S1 Ep 11 – Astroburger [00:46:58]


It’s Time to Celebrate! [00:50:15]

TV Rewind is celebrating five years as a podcast in September, and we’ll be spotlighting listeners in various ways. You can participate in the Listener Spotlight here!

This week I interviewed our guest hosts Faith and Sarah!


Record For Later: [00:55:47]

Steph – Moone Boy S3 on Hulu

Faith – Flashpoint on Amazon Prime, DVD, iTunes and Hulu.

Sarah – Glee Season 6 on DVD, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes

Seasons 1-5 are also available on Netflix Streaming.

Sarah also recommends Mad Men onNetflix Streaming (seasons 1-7a).


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What season finales have you seen so far and what have you thought of them? What are you looking forward to this Summer and in the Fall? What did you think of our guest this week?

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