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What’s this? A bonus episode? I got a great response on my call for help for the network preview. After I had all my guest helpers lined up, Michael Demko from the TV For Vendetta Podcast contacted me to give even more help. Hence, a bonus episode about the cable shows coming this Fall. Enjoy!


Here is a listing of all the new shows discussed and the night/timeslot they air:

The Affair
Showtime Sunday at 10/9c, premiering Oct. 19

DirecTV Wednesday 9/8c, premiering Oct. 8

Z Nation
SyFy Friday 10/9c, premiering Sept 12

Survivor’s Remorse
Starz Saturday 9/8c, premiering Oct 4

If you’d like a quick reference to when cable shows will air this Fall, The TVaholic has Fall schedules on his website in printable form.


What new and returning shows are you watching this Fall? If you didn’t submit your response yet, please do and I’ll include it on the next episode!


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