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This week I continue the summer guest host extravaganza with Mark Des Cotes. We met online when he sent an email to the show and I began listening to his Orphan Black podcast soon after. You can find his podcasts on his website.


Pause for the News:

Sherlock Renewed
The Night Shift Renewed
Hieroglyph Canceled
Kyle Massey Cast on Gotham
Carol Kane Cast on Gotham
Three Frozen Characters Cast on Once Upon a Time
Ian Anthony Dale Cast on Hart of Dixie
Emmy Nominations This Week
Community Renewed By Yahoo Screen
Bob Hastings Dies


Weekly Rewind:
Shows discussed are from Sunday, June 29th through Saturday, July 5th, 2014:

Chasing Life – S1 Ep 4 – I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Under the Dome – S2 Ep 1 – Heads Will Roll (Season Premiere)
The Last Ship – S1 Ep 2 – Welcome to Gitmo


Fast Forward:

Finding Carter – S1 Ep 1 – Pilot (Series Premiere)
Unforgettable – S3 Ep 2 – The Combination
Extant – S1 Ep 1 – Re-Entry (Series Premiere)
Check out Dark Matter: An Extant Podcast for more on this new show!

The Walking Dead: “Inside The Walking Dead”
The 90s – The Last Great Decade


Record For Later:

Stephanie – Fringe: The Complete Series (Amazon DVD), or streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime

Mark – The Unit: The Complete Series (Amazon DVD) or streaming on Amazon Prime

What are you watching on TV lately? What shows are you watching this summer? Are you checking out any “new to you” shows this summer?

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