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Pause for the News:
Game of Thrones Renewed
Three Fox Comedies Renewed
Hell’s Kitchen Renewed
Breaking In Pulled from May Sweeps
The Revolution Hits Series Low
The Revolution Canceled, General Hospital Saved?
Mike Wallace Dies
CBS News to Air Mike Wallace Special

Weekly Rewind:
Shows discussed are from the week of Sunday, April 8th through Saturday, April 14th, 2012:

Hart of Dixie – S1 Ep 17 – Heart to Hart
Modern Family – S3 Ep 19 – Election Day
HIMYM – S7 Ep 20 – Trilogy Time

Fast Forward:
Raising Hope – S2 Ep 22 – I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back
Ringer – S1 Ep 22 – I'm the Good Twin
Parks and Recreation – S4 Ep 19 – Live Ammo

Loading Our DVDs:
Laverne & Shirley: The Fifth Season

What do you think about the shows discussed this week? What shows have you been watching? What are your thoughts on these?

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